Pears Portrait

The pears were arranged on a leather dining chair and the image was taken using window light. I wanted to concentrate on the shapes and textures, so decided to convert the image to monochrome using Topaz B&W effects.
Lens Canon ef 100mm f/2.8 macro uSm
Exposure 1/4 sec, f/14, iSo200

Stuffed Tomatoes

Taking a picture of a common dish can be interesting. The most difficult thing was finding the right accessories: the rack, ingredients and containers. To accompany the tomatoes I chose warm things to enhance the atmosphere, such as wood and wicker and red pans.
Lens Zeiss 100mm f2 t* makro-planar Ze
Exposure 1/100 sec, f/8, iSo100


When it’s miserable outside there’s only one option for me and that’s to experiment with some still-life shots and lighting. I went to Pocklington to find some inspiration and managed to get some superb-looking cherries. As I was setting up the shot I noticed the reflection of the fruit was accidentally being picked up by the black gloss tile, which worked well. I placed an Elinchrom D-Lite 400 with softbox to the left-hand side, shooting through a translucent umbrella and another translucent screen to diffuse the light further. I placed a piece of card to the right-hand side to light the cherry on that side a little. Finally I masked off the tile with kitchen roll and sprayed a mixture of glycerin and water onto the cherry to create the ?condensation’. The final image comprises of three images focus-stacked.
Lens Sigma 150mm f2.8 eX dg oS hSm apo macro
Exposure 1/20 sec, f/8, iSo200


This image was shot in the studio using four AlienBees B800 units to ensure the elements were isolated on white backgrounds. Each sandwich element was shot separately at different angles before they were composited in Photoshop to create this levitating effect.
Lens Canon ef 24-105mm f/4l iS uSm Exposure 1/160 sec, f/16, iSo100


There is nothing more mouth-watering than the smell of fresh brownies straight from the oven. Photographed using only natural daylight, I added a handful of raspberries and icing sugar to the shot to add a splash of colour and contrast.
Lens Canon ef-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 iS ii Exposure 1/250 sec, f/4.5, iSo1600


I stacked the pancakes for height while taking great care in choosing textures and fabrics. I chose an old spoon and then added the lemon as a nice contrast against the deep blue tones. This kept the background interesting without becoming too overpowering.
Lens Canon ef 50mm f/1.8 ii Exposure 1/125 sec, f/3.2, iSo200

Prize Onions

I came across these prize-winning onions on display in the vegetable competition tent at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show in Surrey. I thought the simplicity of these onions would make a nice composition – although getting close enough to the competition entry to get a good shot was a bit of a challenge.
Lens Canon ef 24-105mm f/4l iS uSm
Exposure 1/50 sec, f/4, iSo800