Google has been offering cloud-based storage for a few years, but establishing what’s free from what’s paid for can prove quite complicated. There are essentially two parts to Google’s image storage: Google Photos and Google Drive. Drive enables you to store any file type, and has sliding monthly fees depending on the services and the size of storage you want. A generous 15GB is free for everyone, up to a maximum of 30TB, which costs silly money. Google Photos is specifically designed to store and organize your images. It’s also by far the cleverest of all systems and is free for unlimited JPEGs, but does not store Raw files. For these you’ll need Google Drive, where the files count against your storage limit. But Google search is what Photos is really about. When you enter a search term such as ‘tractor’, Google filters the results using visual analysis and machine learning, with no need for manual keywords.

Pros: Automatically sorts and categorizes your images
Cons: Doesn’t support Raw files with the free storage option
We say: Give it a go – it’s worth it for all your general images