Flickr built its reputation as the key online location for photographers, and has tools and galleries to share and communicate with them.
As a storage platform, Flickr is quite different from the other solutions on test. You get 1TB of photo storage for free; upgrade to the Pro Plan and you’ll also get the auto uploader, which is handy, and 20 per cent off Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan. Flickr doesn’t support Raw files, or, for that matter, any non-image file. A desktop and mobile app enables you to quickly upload your files, and there are Lightroom and Aperture plug-ins that enable you to upload directly. Flickr is unique in having a firm social network foundation instead of just offering storage. However, with the rise of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, along with the cloud offerings of the other systems on test, Flickr as a platform is looking dated – both visually and in its support (or lack of) for files and workflows.

Pros: Massive photo community and great for getting feedback
Cons: Doesn’t support Raw files and seems dated
We say: Great for social media but not a long-term storage solution