Irista shows, from the outset, that it’s been developed with the needs of the photographer in mind. Anyone can sign up to the Irista platform – with 15GB free storage – but there is a definite Canon feel to the layout and design. However, it still supports Raw files from other systems.
Once your images are uploaded, a series of filters can be used to sort and locate photos – for example by date, camera name, lens or aperture – which is very useful.
The file upload process is well thought through; you can either upload through a browser, which is quick and efficient, or use the desktop application. Like most of the other services, this enables you to select folders on your computer that are automatically synced with the server.
As a complete package, Irista is extremely well thought-out and works nicely across all platforms. An unlimited-storage premium plan will be introduced soon, too.

Pros: Attractive interface and easy to use
Cons: Storage is still limited, with paid plans imminent
We say: Irista is an excellent solution for any Canon user.