As with Google and Amazon, iCloud offers a complete backup solution for all your photos and other files. There are a series of plans from £0.79 a month for 50GB to £13.99 for 2TB, plus free 5GB storage for everyone. Once filled, additional storage is charged accordingly.
Folders you select to work with iCloud are uploaded to the cloud automatically. If you delete a file from your machine it’s also deleted from the cloud. This makes it an intelligent ‘fire and forget’ backup solution for all files, not just photos, but might not be suitable for those who like complete control over what’s happening to their data. Apple provides its Photos application to view and download images, and this is available across Apple devices as well as directly through a browser. It enables you to quickly access, organize, download and share your images using one of the most streamlined interfaces available.

Pros: An integrated part of the Apple ecosystem
Cons: Not as efficient or convenient for PC users
We say: Well-priced, with scalable storage plans