Amazon’s cloud storage comes in two options: Prime Photos, which is part of the Amazon Prime service (£79 per year), or Unlimited. Prime Photo offers unlimited storage for photos including Raw files, and up to 5GB of storage for all other file types including movies. Unlimited enables you to store an unlimited number of files of any type. Both options enable you to upload via your web browser or through the Amazon Drive app, which is available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android. Once it’s installed you can set the application to watch and upload files from selected folders automatically. You can then access and download data from any other device you use. The Amazon interface is simple enough and reflects the folder structure of the machines or devices that you’ve backed up. It also has full support for all common image files, with an image preview. Downloading and sharing files is equally easy.

Pros: Unlimited storage at less than £5 a month
Cons: Limited options for selecting additional folders
We say: Cheap unlimited storage for all file types