The photographer

I’m indebted to my friend niki for this shot. It wasn’t easy for him to literally ‘freeze’ for over 10 seconds on the top of that sand dune, but he did it. We seemed to be plagued by problems that night. The wind reached a speed of 25 metres per second and we kept being hit by blizzards, which made it almost impossible to take any shots. However, when it briefly died down we could see the Northern Lights. These gaps only lasted for a few minutes though, so we had to work quickly.
Canon EOS-1D X | 14mm | 15sec | f/2.8 | ISO 6400

McLaren P1

I shot the prototype of the mclaren p1 out in Bahrain, using my car rig. This contraption attaches to the car and the camera hangs on the end of a 6m carbon pole. The camera will always move perfectly relative to the car, which means that the body will remain nice and sharp while there’s still movement in the background and wheels.
Nikon D800 | 20mm | 6sec | f/11 | ISO 50

Bubbles in snow

Soap bubbles are an enigmatic subject. They’re unpredictable and constantly changing, so they pose quite a challenge to shoot. The ideal conditions are absolutely no wind and a temperature of between -10°C and -20°C. I use my camera handheld in order to obtain the proper angle quickly, and the colour comes from a custom-made colour filter that’s placed in front of a flashlight. The light is then further focused down onto the subject using a cheap sheet magnifier.
Canon EOS-1D X | 65 mm | 1/160sec | f/2.8 | ISO 800

Green door

I always enjoy photographing abstract objects and putting together beautiful compositions. I love shooting staircases, windows, doors, facades and buildings that are filled with lots of colour. I had the idea of presenting these different colours together, in a deceptively simple composition. It was quite difficult to get this framing right, but I managed it in the end.v Nikon D7000 | 18mm | 1/250sec | f/11 | ISO 200